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We help professional services businesses effectively differentiate themselves, communicate their unique value, and implement precise pricing strategies that drive transformative growth for both their business and their clients.

Our solutions address the challenge of standing out in today's competitive market, guiding you toward success in building a strong brand and optimizing your pricing to maximize profitability.





You want more...

  • You want to be the leader and recognized expert in your field.

  • You have superb services that can help your clients thrive.

  • You are a respected service provider ready for the next level.

  • You’ve tried the gurus’ ideas for gaining clients and revenue.

  • You’ve lost trust in all the latest and greatest marketing tactics.

It's time

Harness the power of heartfelt relationships and a reliable, revenue-generating strategy to grow your business.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve found what works for us—and for our clients. And we love sharing our business model with other professional service providers—like you.

We welcome the opportunity to hear about your goals, discuss the dynamics of this sustainable model, and explore how it might work for you.

Who We Are & How We Serve

John Ray fully embraces the concept of serving the market first, and the market will send love back to you. He has an abundance mindset and enjoys sharing his sound business expertise with others. Through his media channel and podcasts, he highlights good people providing valued services.

John has assembled a team to serve clients earnestly, effectively, and efficiently. They plan, produce, and promote shows that shine a light on business leaders. And, for professionals who are ready, John’s counsel helps them solve their nagging pricing struggles with his no-nonsense value pricing strategy.

His clients build their business brand with genuine relationships that translate into revenue. In this comfortable, non-salesy approach, clients meet new sales prospects and nurture relationships in an elegant way.

We’re here to celebrate business!

- - John Ray

Strategies That Finally Move the Needle in the Right Direction

Duo HP.jpg

We’ve combined (and simplified) business strategies to increase your bottom line and let you enjoy your business—and your life—once again. You’ll find that our model elegantly aligns our time-tested business framework with relationship-building podcast hosting to deliver a robust outcome.

Both podcasting and strategic pricing are powerful on their own. Together, they are a dynamic duo that can lead to exponential growth in your revenue, profits, and brand recognition.

Hear from Real People About Problems We Solve

When you started your business, you imagined helping all the companies that needed you. Your solutions made so much sense. You knew exactly how to make a positive difference in their businesses and lives. It all seemed so easy.

Once reality sets in, we realize it is more complex that we thought. There are more moving parts than we knew. It’s more difficult to reach the next level than it was to get started.

There is an easier way. John Ray lives it. He will show you what it means to move far beyond your plateau. His podcasting and pricing models lay the foundation for thriving—not just surviving. 

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