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Do you feel like you're working too hard for too little money?
Transform frustration into financial success!

Embrace the Pricing and Value Journey 

Elevate your earnings and client satisfaction with John Ray's expert pricing strategies. Break free from one-size-fits-all rates and overwork.

Embrace value-based pricing, tiered services, and selective project choices to maximize profitability and work-life balance.

Transform frustration into financial success. Power Up Your Profits with Strategic Pricing 

How do I strategically upgrade my pricing?

Pricing is a subject of conversation—and origin of frustration—for many business leaders. There is often a stigma and even a fear factor associated with pricing. As a business advisor who has studied and embraced pricing strategies for decades, John Ray has seen the distinct correlation between pricing and profit.

Working with professional service providers, John sees these common roadblocks when clients approach him:

  • You are working too hard and too many hours for too little money.

  • You’re starting to resent your clients because you feel underpaid for your expertise.

  • You price by the hour and/or your clients all pay the same rate.

  • You don’t yet offer options, tiers, or different levels of service.

  • You accept most projects that come your way even if they’re not a good fit. 


These circumstances indicate that your pricing is holding you back, and with the right strategy, you’ll be back on track. 



If you identify with any of the above examples, your pricing is off track and needs a course correction.


These are typical issues, and there are more. A strategic conversation will identify the real culprits and set the stage for positive change. 

These are all common problems. There’s nothing wrong with you or your service-based business that our strategy can’t fix. John Ray will tell you he’s had the same problems and now lives the solution every day. You can too.

We’ll do the math to find the lifetime value of your client for a better grasp of how many clients you need for the results you want. With clarity, you’ll embrace the solution and work it through step by step.

Another common issue John sees is how business professionals talk with their prospects. Often, they talk more about what they do and any bragging rights they might have rather than listening and asking questions. He teaches his clients to talk with prospects about their problems and needs. 

They need to know that you understand them and their issues. What’s keeping them awake at night? Once they see that you care and understand their problems, they are ready to hear your powerful solutions.

When you are an advocate for your clients and show you can solve the problems they have, your solutions carry much more value in their eyes. You will help them envision the outcome which is worth its weight in gold.





Because John Ray lived through all these pricing problems, pricing became a passion for him. He practices his solutions every day, and he can help you move forward on your price and value journey as well.

We know that pricing changes are the fastest way to improve your net income. Through our discussions, your mindset will change as well. We all accumulate some beliefs that keep us from our true potential, and it’s important to get past that.

Once you understand that pricing relates to the value received, your pricing issues will turn around. The pricing changes you make will create a newfound enthusiasm for your business and a stronger bottom line. You’ll be working smarter—not harder—and with better clients.

Continue the Price and Value Journey

For more information on The Price and Value Journey, view our blog and listen to these podcasts. 


"Our Reputation in Reviews"

“John has served as a subject matter expert speaker numerous times. His knowledge, experience and delivery has always been second-to-none. It is because of the attendance he draws and the glowing evaluations he consistently receives that he quickly became one of our main go-to speakers for everything from one-off workshops to breakouts at all-day conferences. An attendee summed it up nicely with "the value of this workshop tremendously outweighed the investment to attend." 

Stephanie Sokenis, Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center (Small Business Education and Resources)

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