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Increase Your Impact and Your Income as a Podcast Host

Leverage the potential of podcasts as a strategic tool to actively drive and foster business development

Getting started with a B2B podcast is a walk in the park with us!

We offer all the necessary tools and support to produce, promote, and expand your podcast seamlessly.

What's more, no prior experience is needed. We're your dedicated partner for simplified B2B podcasting.

Capitalize on the unique ability of this medium to connect with your target audience in a highly engaging and authentic manner, ultimately boosting brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, and nurturing meaningful relationships with both existing and potential clients or customers.

Why is podcasting smart business?

As John Ray learned while hosting radio shows and podcasts, interviewing business leaders is an elegant way to serve and gain trust. It’s not salesy or pushy. It’s a heart-centered service that opens conversations with hard-to-reach prospects, reactivates with past clients, and builds relationships. 

When we have a giving spirit, it provides for others and comes back to provide for us as well. John started podcasting and found it to be so rewarding emotionally and financially that he adopted the business model and kept perfecting it. 

Podcasting has now become a way of life and a critical component of John’s business advisory company. He continues to lead other business owners on the same path and sees firsthand how their businesses move forward beyond their expectations. Being a numbers man, he is especially pleased that the results are trackable and measurable. There’s no question about the real impact and positive results.



Growing your business starts with knowing your market and understanding your preferred clients. When you host your own show, you invite business leaders for a comfortable conversation to highlight them and their services.

It’s all about giving, and it’s all about them. There’s nothing salesy or awkward about it. You give them the spotlight in their own community. In doing so, you also get acquainted, uncover their mission and vision, and connect them to other professionals and resources.

This is what it means to serve first without expecting anything in return. It feels great, and what goes around, comes around. As you serve and further develop your brand, you’ll discover that the business leaders you meet will want to help you too.

You’ll want to know your way around the studio and lean into feeling comfortable behind the mic. Our years of experience doing hundreds of radio shows and podcasts will help you gain confidence quickly. 

There’s no need to waste time trying to figure it out on your own. We guide you and share our behind-the-mic expertise. We provide guidance on creating your guest list, inviting, interviewing, essential equipment, podcast distribution, and follow-up processes.

We’ve become experts over the years, and we know why and how it works. You serve the market, and the market will serve you. If you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy the experience of meeting, greeting, and highlighting business professionals in your area. Your confidence will grow with each episode.





At this point, you’ve been a radio show guest and watched shows in production. You’ve learned how podcasting builds your business, how to host graciously, and who to invite. You have a plan, and you’re ready to launch!

You are studio-ready with a podcast name representing your business focus. You’ve designed a strategy for inviting guests and putting them at ease. And if you do one show per week, that’s at least 50 episodes that serve the business leaders and your community.

How many of these professionals will become your clients? How many will introduce you to other ideal clients? As you calculate the lifetime value of your typical client, you are now running the business you were determined to create. Cheers!


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