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Unlock Your Full Potential:
Master The Generosity Mindset to
Price Your Professional Service and Thrive

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If you’re a professional service provider, your goal is to do transformative work for clients you love working with and get paid commensurate with the value you deliver to those clients. While negative mindsets can inhibit your growth, adopting a different mindset, the Generosity Mindset, can replace those self-limiting beliefs. The Generosity Mindset enables you to diagnose and communicate the value you deliver to clients, and, in turn, more effectively price to receive a portion of that value.

Whether you’re a consultant, coach, marketing or branding professional, business advisor, attorney, CPA, or work in virtually any other professional services discipline, your content and technical expertise are not proprietary. What’s unique, though, is your experience and how you synthesize and deliver your knowledge. What’s special is your demeanor or the way you deal with your best-fit clients. What’s invaluable is how you deliver great value by guiding people through massive changes in their personal lives and in their businesses that bring them to a place they never thought possible.

The combination of all these elements is quite different for you compared to any other service provider in your industry. Therein lies your value, but it’s not the value you see. It’s the value your best-fit customers see in you.
If pricing your value feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you, this book will teach you why putting a price on the value your clients perceive and identify serves both them and you, and you’ll learn the factors involved in getting your price right.



In my book, The Generosity Mindset, I reference several additional resources, all of which are available below, free to download.
I’ve included other resources, not mentioned in the book, with an explanation. 

No, you will not be asked for your email address. (I hate that stuff as much as you probably do.) If you want to sign up to receive email updates from me, that’s another subject and there’s another place on this website to do that.


If you’re coming here because you read the book, thank you! I’m grateful to you, and I hope you’ve already received a lot of value from it.

Thank you!

The Red Flags of Inadequate Pricing 

Use these red flags to diagnose whether your pricing is inadequate. I tell a story in the Forward of the book about an encounter with a videographer in which I go through each of these red flags.

Planning a Podcast Using The Generosity Mindset™

As I explain in Chapter 13 of the book, I believe hosting your own podcast using The Generosity Mindset™ as your guide is so effective for solo and small firm professional services professionals as to be nearly essential. This resource will help you plan a podcast that, if followed closely, will give you a significant return on your investment in a show.

Sample Questions for a Value Conversation

In Chapter 5 of the book, I defined a value conversation:  a discussion with a client that defines, for both of you, where they perceive both tangible and intangible value. This resource is an extensive list of sample questions you can use and modify for your own situation. 

Connecting Others with a Three-Way Introductory Email 

In Chapter 11 of the book, “Relationships Drive Revenue,” I discuss the value of making connections between others in your network. Here’s a sample three-way introductory email.

What Service Professionals are already saying:

Gregg Burkhalter
"The LinkedIn Guy"

"It was even better than I was expecting (and I expected a lot!). I felt a continuity between what you've been saying and doing online and what's in the book.. To hear all of this at one time as a reader was very powerful!" 

 Katie Moore

Law Office of

Katherine Moore, LLC

"A great guide for service providers"

Stephanie Sokenis

SmallBiz Ally, LLC

"This book is a game-changer for professional service businesses! Its common-sense approach and easy-to-implement strategies on differentiation, value communication, and pricing make it a must-read for transformative growth."
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