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Be Wary of Dependence on Social Media Marketing

Updated: Jul 6

If sharing your expertise through posts, videos, and other content is part of your marketing strategy, this post is meant as a wake-up call.

Paramount, the media company that owns a variety of media brands and platforms, including CBS, CBS News, CMT, and Nickelodeon, among others, has erased the MTV News archive. (story link below)

You read that right. They've apparently jettisoned the entire MTV news archive of artist interviews, news reports and features. Content on the CMT site seems to have met a similar demise.

It's a cautionary tale if you are dependent on LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, to share your expertise.

Microsoft is the owner of LinkedIn. There's no reason to believe, in any way, that Microsft has any plans other than to grow the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn seems to be deeply embedded in the Microsoft family of online services.

However, you must be aware of the implications of the obvious fact that LinkedIn is just another social media platform run by a publicly traded company. You're viewed as much (and maybe more) as part of an audience to be sold to as anything. The content you post here is product you are giving over to LinkedIn to be used for whatever benefit they see fit.

It's why:

  • you must understand the implications of being bound by LinkedIn's Terms & Conditions, which, if you're like most users, you have never read. You can be kicked off LinkedIn, and your previous existence on this platform erased entirely, for any reason they alone decide.

  • you cannot publish solely on LinkedIn. You must diversify your social media presence.

  • you cannot publish only on social media platforms. You must own some other platform—your own website(s)—that you, and you alone, control.

  • you must backup your work.

It's also why you need to understand the difference between marketing and business development. You must have the capacity to generate business apart from your marketing efforts.


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The Generosity Mindset

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