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Empowering Others

In his book Today We Are Rich, Tim Sanders, bestselling author, leadership coach, and former Yahoo! executive, writes:

When you give to grow others’ capabilities, you create abundance in their lives. No matter who you are, you can give power to people too. It’s a matter of understanding what intangible value you have that’s worth sharing. It may be your experience and the knowledge you’ve acquired. Over your life, you’ve built up a bounty of it. In the information era, all of us have a network of personal relationships. Many of the people in those relationships possess solutions for others’ challenges. In other words, your friends may not have everything you need to succeed, but their friends do!
. . . When you give power, especially to those around you, you create a more powerful world. . . If you give others enough power, they will go beyond independence to possess material and intangible prosperity. . . 
Empowering others with The Generosity Mindset, John Ray

If generosity was only about writing checks, our world would be much poorer.

The most generous acts are often those that empower others. Making a connection that changes the direction of someone’s business. Helping someone get a job that changes the trajectory of their career, their life, and the lives of their family members. Offering insights that help someone get past a paralyzing issue they’re facing.

Such acts of generosity empower their recipients to create something new. A new direction for their business, a different career journey, or a fresh start.

The intangible value of empowering others has the potential to compound dramatically over time, in ways you cannot anticipate or ever fully know.


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