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Guest Appearance on the Unpolished MBA Podcast with Monique Mills

What a pleasure to join Monique Mills on her Unpolished MBA podcast to talk about my book, The Generosity Mindset.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • The inspiration behind the book

  • The counterintuitive title and what it means

  • Creating "good, better, best" options

  • Intangibles and why clients see more value in our work than we see ourselves

  • The one essential element of all proposals

  • and more . . . 

You'll find this episode on all major podcast apps by searching "Unpolished MBA," or follow this link.

While you're there, subscribe (and thank me later). I'm a subscriber to Monique's podcast. She's a superb host doing fabulous work with her show. It was a special honor for her to ask me to come on. Thank you, Monique!


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