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Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center Workshop on The Generosity Mindset

Updated: May 23

Workshop at the Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center

One week from today, on May 29th, 2024, I'll be at the Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center discussing my book, The Generosity Mindset.

In this workshop I'll talk about:

  • What is The Generosity Mindset™?

  • How The Generosity Mindset offers a counter to the mindsets that hold entrepreneurs back

  • Why the value clients see in your services is always greater than what you see

  • How that realization redirects and bolsters your confidence in the value you offer

  • Pricing with The Generosity Mindset

  • Why The Generosity Mindset does not mean giving everything away

  • and more . . . 

The GEC book club has had two sessions on the book, and this workshop will cap off their work. You do not have to have attended the book club sessions to attend this workshop.

The Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center is located at 405 North Perry St., Lawrenceville, GA. The workshop will be conducted in the GEC Training Room.

If you're not in the Atlanta area, you can attend via video.

For more information and to register, follow this link. This workshop is free and open to all.

Thank you, Stephanie Sokenis, ASBC and Greg Goebel, for selecting my book for discussion as part of Small Business Month at GEC and for inviting me to speak. I understand that Greg led two excellent discussion sessions on the book. Thank you, Greg!


Business consultant and coach, author, and podcaster John Ray advises solopreneurs and small professional services firms on their two most frustrating problems: pricing and business development. John is passionate about how changes in mindset, positioning, and pricing change the trajectory of a business and the lifestyle choices of a business owner. His clients are professionals who are selling their expertise, such as consultants, coaches, attorneys, CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers, marketing professionals, and other professional services practitioners.

John is the author of the national bestselling book, The Generosity Mindset: A Journey to Business Success by Raising Your Confidence, Value, and Prices. The book covers topics like value and adopting a mindset of value, pricing your services more effectively, proposals, and essential elements of growing your business. The book is available at all major physical and online book retailers.


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