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A Guaranteed Way to Always Have Something to Post on LinkedIn (and your blog)

A Guaranteed Way to Always Have Something to Post on LinkedIn (and your blog)

It’s quite simple:

Keep a list of questions you get from clients and prospects. When you need something to write about, pick a question to answer. I keep a running list of such questions, along with other ideas and topics. Instead of looking at a blank page with the blinking cursor, I go to my list first.

I’ve got a stockpile of about 30 to 40 questions, ideas, and topics on my list right now. I use ToDoist, but you can use Google Keep or some other app that has list-making capability. Paper and a pen works, too.

Some of what I have I want to write about immediately. Some of those ideas I have to think about. Others are too long for one post and I need to break down the idea into a series. Some of what I have on the list may never appear in a post.

In any case, there’s always something there to inspire a post. You never have to start with a blank page.

And if you’re brand new in your business, you may not have a lot of clients to compile questions from, but you have prospects you’ve talked to, right? You have strategic referral partners you’re networking with as well.

The way this post originated, by the way, is another good example of a post starter: your comments on the LinkedIn posts of others.

My content writer friend Gloria Russell offered an excellent post on this subject which I, in turn, commented on. That comment was the genesis of this post. If you’re generous in making comments on the LinkedIn posts of others, that work can benefit you in a lot of ways beyond just deepening the connection with that individual. It will give you ideas to write about later as well!

Happy writing!

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